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Time for skiing in the mountains!

January 17, 2024
Skidåkning till fjälls i Björkliden

Many locals would probably say that the spring winter in Kiruna is the best season of the year. In addition to the fantastic ice fishing, it is during this period that the mountain resorts open their doors so you can enjoy wonderful skiing in the mountains.

Björkliden and Riksgränsen

Family-friendly Björkliden is first out with its ski premiere. Here the family gets more time to hang out, the ski system is clear and it is always close to the slopes no matter where you live in Björkliden. Here you can choose from everything from off-piste skiing, cross-country skiing and summit tours to heliskiing. Finish with a wonderful after-ski! Or why not make an excursion to Sweden’s highest mountain station and try the famous “låktavåfflan”?

On a good day, there is no ski resort in Sweden that can match skiing in Riksgränsen. There are easily accessible off-piste skis and lots of challenges for the more advanced skier, such as “Uffe’s wall”, “Rimfors” and Nordalsfjäll where the NM in extreme skiing is run in May every year.

Björkliden 9 February
Riksgränsen 23 February

Nikkaluokta and Kebnekaise

On February 24, Nikkaluokta Sarri opens for the season. Here is the best start or end on Kungsleden with trips to Abisko or Ritsem. Skiing in Nikkaluokta is a spring-winter day dream. Experience the silence in Vistasdalen, the view from the bare mountains or take you through the birch forest in Ladtjodalen. From here you can also make a day trip to Sweden’s highest mountain Kebnekaise – there are daily snowmobile trips according to schedule to STF Kebnekaise Mountain Station which opens on February 29.

Nikkaluokta 24 February
STF Kebnekaise Mountain Station 29 February


Nuolja Offpist is well known in ski circles as a unique mountain for off-piste skiing. The mountain is located in Abisko National Park and is also Abisko’s pride. Off-piste skiing combined with the panoramic view of Torneträsk, Lapporten and the Abisko Alps is also hard to beat! With its 500 vertical meters, there are also endless possibilities to find new lines in natural mountain terrain – it is only your imagination and creativity that puts a stop!

Nuolja Offpist 16 February

Are you skiing along Kungsleden? See the opening hours for the STF mountain huts here!