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The Arctic beach season

The alarm bell wakes you up early in the morning, outside the window you see a blue sky with a radiant sun and your face turns into a big smile – the spring winter is here! The spring winter is a great time for spending time in nature and you will find many people out sunbathing from early mornings to late afternoons. We give you the 10 coolest suncation tips!

Foto: Jessica Nildén

The period from mid-March to May is associated with the “Arctic Beach Season” and it is one of the favorite seasons for most locals. Some days the sun is really hot and you can take off your warm winter clothing and sunbathing on the reindeer skin just in a bathing suit. During this time it is very common to build up your own winter sofa made by snow wherever you are located: next to the ski slopes, on the frozen lake where you are ice fishing, in the pine forests or just close to the road. Here you will enjoy the day with friends and family, sunbathing, chatting, making a fire, eat lunch and have a “Swedish Fika”.

Arctic Beach Season – the coolest Suncation tips

1. Sunbathing during this period will definitely give you a tan. You need to be a little bit careful, the sun is strong during the spring winter together with the reflecting snow – so don’t forget to include sunscreen in your backpack.

2. Ice-fishing. Follow on a guided tour or pack your own equipment and buy a fishing license to try your fishing luck. There are a lot of lakes and rivers to choose from. Perhaps you will catch your dinner for the evening!

3. Snowmobile excursion to STF Kebnekaise Mountain Station. Enjoy a day in the surroundings of the biggest mountain in Sweden, go skiing, enjoy tasty lunch and just relax.

4. “Sun pit hang out”. Bring your friends and dig your own sun sofa formation and enjoy your arctic suncation. Fill your depots of vitamin D and enjoy time together. Pack your backpack with lunch and Fika. Try out a local combination with hot chocolate and oranges.

5. Why not try an ice cold winter bath in the Torne river? At ICEHOTEL you have the possibility to try winter bathing combined with a hot sauna. The locals favorite combination!

Isbad på ICEHOTEL, foto: Asaf Kliger

6. Waffles. Be sure to visit Luossavaara during weekends, they have a tasty waffle buffet. Or why not spend time tour skiing up to Sweden’s highest mountain lodge in Låktatjåkko and enjoy their famous classic waffles. Wonderful views await you!

7. Out on tour! Put on your skis and pack your backpack to get to the magnificent mountains and enjoy the scenery, the views, the silence at your own pace.

8. Afterski at the mountain resorts. When you have been out for a full day, why not finish up with a ski boot dance, good drink and food.

9. From late March, but especially during April, there is a great season for ski skating. The cold nights create a hard crowd that makes it possible to get out everywhere in nature with your skate skis.

10. During the end of May to the middle of June, you can enjoy an exciting combination of skiing and midnight sun in Riksgränsen.

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