Midnight Sun

In the Land of the Midnight Sun

Here, in the northernmost parts of Sweden, the contrasts are as marvellous as they are numerous. The sun shines 24 hours a day and swathes mountains, wilderness and water in a warm, welcoming light.

When you visit Kiruna you are right in the midst of the land of the midnight sun. The sunlight invites you to late evenings and activities during all the hours of the day. Here, you will find adventures and activities covering all the elements of all the seasons, even if the calendar tells you the ground should be snow-free.

Skiing, Fishing and Hiking
In Kiruna, the midnight sun can be seen from late May to mid-July. How about skiing on Midsummers Eve, high up in the mountains? Or fishing along the river in the lush valley, or a hike in the mountains where the windflowers grow wild?

Everything You Would Like to Discover and More
Outdoor activities include eating reindeer meat cooked over an open fire, river rafting and hiking along the majestic Kungsleden (the King’s Trail). Here you will find the genuine ingredients, culture and experiences that form lifelong memories and memorable stories.