A paradise for fishing

Experience fishing at its best. Kiruna municipality offers over 6,000 lakes, six rivers and hundreds of creeks and rivers. In these fishing waters, there is game fish such as trout, char, salmon and grayling. We also boast a fantastic pike fishing in Kiruna! Not even the most intricate local fishermen will try more than a fraction of these during their lifetime. There is a lot to discover.

Kiruna is perhaps best known for fishing in the waters of the mountain regions, but there is also very good fishing in the forest area’s lesser known waters.

You don’t have to go far to find nice fishing waters. Close to Kiruna you will find the city lake Southern Luossajärvi which is an excellent sport fishing water. Luossa is Sámi for salmon, but even if there is no real salmon, it is good for trout and perch and it is not uncommon for fish of both two and three kilos. Behind the city mountain Luossavaara lies the trout lake Nukutusjärvi. Here you can fish along the shoreline, but it is best at the stream orifice.

Within a half-hour drive, the selection is almost unlimited. There are, for example, four rivers to choose from – the two large ones, the Torne River and the Kalix River, then the slightly smaller Rautas River and the beautiful Vittangi River.

Explore the mountain maps to find your way to your very own “hemligjaure”.

Helicopter to sweet fishing spots
If you want to fish in the most remote nature areas then helicopter transportation is for you! Both Kallax Flyg and Arctic Heli will fly you out to the best fishing waters.

Fishing camps
There are two fishing camps in the area, Tjuonajokk and Rostujávri. These camps are located at some of the best fishing waters in the mountains. There are no roads to Tjuonajokk. Located about 120 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle between Kiruna and Gällivare, directly adjacent to the Kaitum River – one of Sweden’s last untouched rivers. Here you will find the best grayling fishing in Europe, but you can also fish for pike and trout.

Rostujávri is more than just fishing for arctic char on the spring ice, for some short and intense months. Rostujávri is the sub-arctic summer’s fishing delight with a fantastic fly fishing for grayling from early July and throughout August. Sandåslandet is the last real grayling land.

Guided fishing trips
If you want to go with a guide and try fishing for a few hours, or maybe go on a day trip you can look here.

Fishing license and rules
The right of access allows you to stay almost everywhere in nature as long as you don’t disturb or destroy. Fishing is however not included in the right of access. There are a lot of regulations regarding both recreational and professional fishing, and they concern where you get to fish, when you get to fish and how you are allowed to fish. Different waters and different areas have different rules. You who are going to fish are always obligated to find out which rules apply in the water you are going to fish. Contact the County Administrative Board Norrbotten to keep you updated on which rules apply. You will also find the fishing maps there.

To obtain a permit to fish in Kiruna municipality, a fishing license is required. The most common card, the Kiruna card, can be purchased at most retailers around the municipality and applies to most waters. At Kiruna tourist center, fishing licenses are also sold for Kurravaara. You can also easily buy your fishing license online at NatureIT.

With the sustainable use of the mountain world, both nature and industry survive. Therefore, there are some things to be especially aware of when fishing and other stays in the mountain area. Show consideration for animals, people and nature. Never litter and behave in the same way as you want others to act in your vicinity.