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In my home waters

Dan Mella is a local enthusiast who enjoys around 100 fishing days per year and has a special fondness for the Lady of the Stream.


Another lovely morning dawns, and once again awakens my yearning for the magic of the Torne River. My expectations grow during the brief car journey along the gravel road; right, left and then right again. A short walk along an invisible trail leads me to one of my most treasured spots, beside this magical river. I feel welcome. I breathe in the surrounding environment.

It is late August, you can really feel that nature is settling down, following an intense summer. The Siberian jay, the journeyman’s unwavering companion, calls for my attention. In the distance the black-throated loon, this mythical bird of the wilderness, sounds its ghostly symphony, everything is as it should be. The sounds, the fragrances, the tranquil neck of water wants to show me what it has to offer. A couple of clearly visible, waking fish really pique my interest.

Fishing Kiruna Lapland Hooké

As the fire lights up and the coffee pot is filled to the brim, I tackle up for a pleasant day of hopefully amazing grayling fishing. I can actually, confidently claim that this is one of the best grayling waters in Europe. I let a large balsa wood pupa plough its way along the edge of the stream, to the rock on the bank that has never let me down. I have fished this stretch more times than I can remember, during all snow-free seasons. I know something will happen within the next few seconds. Calm, heavy tugs make the rod bend one more time before the hefty lady yields. I unhook the magnificent fish, without so much as touching it.

The day proceeds in much the same way, large graylings bring me joy and contentment. After a couple of hours of intense fishing, I stretch out by the campfire. I am no longer a young man, my mind drifts. How many miles have I not walked, rod in hand? It is, naturally, a difficult question to answer, and actually, a wholly uninteresting one too. The point is to make the most of every day. For me, fishing has been the motivation for miles and miles of hikes through forests and mountains.

My life’s journey has taken me to other countries and new waters. These journeys have made me happy, in that I have found many majestic fish and had interesting encounters with kindred spirits. At the same time, the journeys have convinced me that it is right here, near the Torne River, that I belong. Knowing, recognising the mountains, forests and streams, grants me a calm that I can only find by my home waters.


By: Dan Mella

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