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Welcome to Tjuonajokk

Tjuonajokk is one of Sweden´s most famous fishing lodges. The fishing for grayling in particular, is known worldwide. Anglers from all over the world meet to fish one of the best grayling waters there is. Besides trophy size grayling we target char, brown trout and northern pike. Tjuonajokk is located by one of the last untouched rivers in Sweden, river Kaitum, between Kiruna and Gällivare in Swedish Lapland. You get to the lodge by helicopter from Kiruna airport, the flight is included in our pricing. The nearest road is in Nikkaluokta, 35 km north of us. With a good connection by air, total travel time from Stockholm Arlanda international airport is only 2,5 hours. So you can actually leave for example Paris in the morning and be enjoying world class fly fishing in the afternoon.

The lodge is cabins and rooms, a well renowned restaurant in the main building with a small store with gear and necessities , boats, guides and a sauna by right by the lake. The indigenous heritage is also vivid, Tjuonajokk is Sami for “Goose Creek”, and is a place with strong Sami history. In Tjuonajokk you can learn more about a culture almost forgotten and oppressed for centuries. Share the extraordinary fishing, the adventure, and the true spirit of nature with Fish Your Dream.

You can also visit Tjuonajokk during winter. Experience traveling with snowmobile over the mountains to our lodge and enjoy our restaurant and a cold bath and our sauna. If you are lucky, you will experience the beautiful northern lights