Foto: Jessica Nildén

The City Transformation

A City Transformation with the Whole World Watching

Never before has a community of this size been completely redeveloped in the way that is now happening in Kiruna, as it’s being rebuilt in a new location. This event has received a lot of attention, not least internationally.

Kiruna was founded as a community in the early 20th century when mining operations began. When the city was established it consisted of three areas where the means of transportation of the day required housing close to the workplace. Kiruna’s development started expanding in the 1940’s and the city was granted its city privileges in 1948.

A New Kiruna Emerges
The new city must now, just as it did back then, meet people’s everyday needs. The city and the mining industry will continue to develop, side by side, in harmony. As of today, the city redevelopment has entered its operative stage. Buildings are being moved, demolished and new buildings rise. The construction of the new road E10 has begun. Applications for the job of redesigning the new city centre were made from a whooping 56 different teams of architects from all over the world.

Experience the City Transformation
There is an exhibition at the City Hall. Here, you can follow the city transformation as the mine expands underground and the houses above will have to be vacated. Guided tours are offered by Camp Ripan, Kiruna Storytelling and North Sweden Tourism. If you would like to learn more about the world’s largest underground iron ore mine, there are guided tours there too.