Foto: Jessica Nildén

QR-walks in Kiruna center

Kiruna municipality has developed two exciting walks that you can walk yourself in the center of Kiruna to learn more about the city’s culture, history and the ongoing urban transformation. The only thing you need is a smartphone. 

Dig you know that the old, wooden fire station is located right in the city center? That Kiruna became a city in the year 1900? On these walkabouts you will learn a lot of interesting facts about Kiruna. We are also proud of the many artworks we have in the city – maybe you have seen a colourful reindeer popping up somewhere or maybe a blue moose hiding? Each walk takes about one hour, but you can of course combine these two into one ultra fun walkabout.

The culture walk contains 25 artworks, buildings or cultural blocks that are marked with QR-codes and the urban transformation walk contains 17 stops. The QR-code is a barcode that you can scan with your smartphone to get more information about the designated building or artwork. So before heading out – download the app that can scan QR-codes. The maps are available digitally through the links below. You can also pick up your copy at the Kiruna Lappland Tourist Center or at Kiruna city hall.

QR-walk Culture (Available in Swedish only)
QR-walk City transformation