Aurora mountain!

Welcome to visit the Aurora mountain!

We will leave the city life in Kiruna for one evening and travel eastward on the aurora borealis road. The road leads us further north into the wilderness into the heart of northern Lapland.

A trip to Aurora borealis mountain in North Lapland will leave you with an unforgettable memory for life. 

At the visit to the mountain you might see a majestic aurora borealis. The mountain is counted to one of the best northern viewpoints in the nature reserve Torneträsk-Soppero primeval forest.

The one-hour journey by minibus takes us to the foot of the mountain and from there we will hike one km up to our camp on the mountain top. The hike will be on trails in all seasons during the year, also wintertime. We walk with a head lamp, and if it is moonlight then no lamp is needed. 

After walking 700 meters we reach the tree barrier and the rest is high mountains with a fantastic view. The absence of city lights enhances starsky and hopefully we can see Aurora Borealis. At our top camp we have a "lávvo" tent with open fire, here you will be served freshly baked pancakes.

Duration approx: 7 Hours

Suitable for: Medium condition, moderate fitness. Moderately difficult activity.

Including: Guide from pickup to drop off.

Included food: Pancakes, Blueberries and lingonberries drink, Coffe & tea. / Food allergies, intolerances to be advised at booking. 

Included: Transfer by minibus / Roundtrip.

Included: Headlamp.

Equipment:  Warm outdoor clothing recommended, good warm hiking shoes. 

Additional Info

Transportation vehicles regularly sanitized.

Guides required to regularly wash hands.

Good to know:
When booking any of our Northern Lights products with us, we can not guarantee that you will see the Northern Lights. But we will do our best for you to experience the northern lights.
We can cancel the trip at short notice due to the weather conditions: Cold, strong winds, snowstorm, etc. Then we repay 100%.

Price: 1595 SEK / Person.
Evening tour from Kiruna 17.00 – 24.00
19 October – 12 December
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