STF Abisko – Northern Lights night in Abisko

The fluttering Aurora of the Polar Heaven have always fascinated and in recent years, the phenomenon has attracted more and more visitors. Many cloudless polar nights and the long dark hours makes STF Aurora Sky Station one of the world's best locations for the Northern Lights.

After a three-course dinner in the restaurant Kungsleden at STF Abisko Turiststation you will take the lift up to the Aurora Sky Station. The trip in the chairlift over the slopes of the national park is in itself an experience when your eyes adjust to the darkness and more and more stars begin to twinkle in the night sky. Once you are up, the conditions are nearly ideal: often clear polar nights, wide views of the mountains and valleys around and almost no interfering background light from roads, villages and communities. There is also an informative exhibition about the northern lights, a cozy café and especially access to knowledgeable Aurora guides, who both make regular guidings a couple of times during the evening and are more than happy to answer your questions.