Peter Rosén

STF Abisko – Midnight sun night with accomodation & food in Abisko

As Abisko lies 250 km north of the Arctic Circle, we enjoy Arctic day-time from the beginning of June, which means the sun doesn’t set! It’s still above the horizon at midnight!

Your experience begins in a chair-lift with mountain scenery as pano-rama, gliding quietly and slowly to-wards the top of Mount Nuolja. On arriving at STF Aurora Sky Station, enjoy a three-course dinner inspired by the Nordic cuisine. After dinner you can join a guided hike up to Mount Nuolja’s summit, 1,164 meters above sea level.

On friday you will visit the Sami Camp. The fire is lit and starts to crackle under the coffee pot while the guide tells you more about current and ancient Sámi life. Coffee tastes extraordinary with a twist of dried reindeer meat in your cup.

Package includes:
Midnight sun dinner upp at Aurora Sky Station, chairlift, guide, hike to the summit of Nuolja, guided visit to the Sámi camp