Foto: Björn Wanhatalo


Aurora Spa at Camp Ripan has won the “Best Unique Experience Spa” category at the World Luxury Spa Awards 2020!

Aurora Spa have chosen to not block out the feeling of winter, but rather to build it right in. Here you can wander between in and out, heat and cold, soothing water and crystal snow, inviting illumination and still darkness.

Water, stone, wood. Materials that stand for the essential, cool and warming natural elements found in this region, nature, city and three intertwined cultures. The vision was to build on what was found around the area, the materials we live with, in our everyday lives and when we relax. The careful choice of materials is balanced with a desire to convey a sense of contrasts. And the region is, if nothing else, a place of strong contrasts.

Aurora Spa offer guests every contrast that they themselves find so very relaxing, for both body and soul.