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Snowmobile tour in Jukkasjärvi

Slöjdvägen 9, Jukkasjärvi

Snowmobile tour in Jukkasjärvi

Join us on a guided snowmobile tour of 2-5 hours in daylight around Jukkasjärvi. If the tour is booked for 2 hours, that is the time we spend on the tour. Time is added for transfers and changing clothes. We drive through Jukkasjärvi’s countryside, along the river, over lakes and through the forest. We take breaks to look at the view, you can take photos (don’t forget your camera/mobile phone) and for hot drinks and Swedish fika.

When you book with us, it’s just you on the trip. We don’t mix company. You who are alone on holiday can therefore also feel that you are welcome and can have fun at no extra cost. We do not charge extra, just because you come yourself. The price is the same regardless of whether you are alone or if you are a group booking up to 5 people. If you share a snowmobile you can take turns driving.

We pick you up from your accommodation and drive to our starting point at the Northern Lights Shop in Jukkasjärvi. After the tour, we will drive you back to your accommodation. You can borrow snowmobile overalls, helmets, shoes, balaclava and gloves. You should bring warm underwear, warm socks and a scarf. The guide has a safety briefing and gives instructions on how to use the snowmobile. Then the adventure begins!

We are waiting for you!