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The Ice Hotel needs no introduction, and needless to say, walking through its frozen corridors is something to experience in person.

The tour starts from SkyVillage by heading off onto the frozen river towards Jukkasjärvi, the small town where the famous Ice Hotel is located. The ride towards the Ice Hotel takes about 45min, but first, our guides will stop in the Nutti Sámi Siida (aka ”Sami Camp”), where we will learn about the ancient Sami community, their way of life and their customs. We will also meet and feed Lapland’s reindeer in person!

Once we arrive at our final destination at Ice Hotel, guides will provide an updated introduction on the hotel, and explain what is the process of building such a hotel out of ice every year. Soon after, you’ll have some time to wander around the icy corridors of the hotel and explore their several pieces of art.