Technical Visits

Technical Visits offers study visits for the curious, for groups who crave more in-depth information, and those of you looking for an out-of-the-ordinary experience during your stay in the Kiruna area. Through us you have the opportunity to delve a little deeper behind the scenes of operations dealing with for example high technology, space engineering, gemmology and entrepreneurship.

The products offered by Technical Visits give the visitor the opportunity to really delve into the operations within the different fields. As a visitor you will meet researchers, engineers and others who actually work with the offered product. Technical Visits gives you a more authentic look behind the scenes than what a regular tourist visit usually offers.

Kiruna is special and continuously expanding. Here we have a world-unique combination of ice, space, environmental work, a high-tech mining industry and community planning. All of this also means an exclusive collection of state-of-the-art competence.

Technical Visits lets you open doors directly to real experiences where they are happening, here and now.