Ateljénord Lena Gustavsson
Ateljénord Ann-Louice Abrahamsson
Ateljénord Eva Björnström
Ateljénord Anders Skoglind
Ateljénord Göran Söderström
Ateljénord Gunnel Tjäder


Welcome to Ateljénord, the handicraft shop in the centre of  Kiruna. Here you will find collections inspired by the Arctic, from everyday utensils to unique artworks. Ateljénord is a group of professional art handicraft producers in Kiruna. We work with art and art handicraft using different materials such as wood, gold, silver, ceramics, wool,reindeer leather, wrought iron, watercolours, glass and enamel. In the shop you will arways meet one of us artisans. You are also welcome to browse in our webshop.

Opening times: Mon-Fri 12-18, Sat 10-15.