Exhibition: Samla & Visa

19 March - 05 December

Konstmuseet i Norr’s exhibition Samla & visa (Collect & Display) provides an insight into the challenges that a museum of contemporary art faces in its work and discusses how, what and why museums collect and display.

The exhibition also asks what other collections and collectors are present in the Norrbotten County and the Barents Region.

Participating artists
Matilda Kenttä – new production
Anders Kristensson – new production
Anastasia Savinova – new production

New purchases and older works from the art museum’s collection are presented in rounds and illustrate the different parts of an art museum’s activities. Artists who are represented include:

Anders Sunna, Panu Ruotsalo & Helmi Remes, Lotta Kvist, Pilar de Burgos, Roger Metto & Lukas Göthman, Irja Bodén, Johan Bergström, Bolatta Silis-Høegh, Carola Grahn och Cooper & Gorfer.

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