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Tailored wilderness expedition

Vasikkaniemivägen 15, Kurravaara

This type of activity is something special, out of the ordinary. There is no other way to describe it.

It is meant for people who seek adventure. It is meant for the explorers, for the daydreamers, for the aurora chasers. It is basically designed for those people who are looking for a lifetime experience while visiting Swedish Lapland.

How does it work? We will go camping into the wild, gliding through frozen rivers on top of our snowmobiles, right into the heart of Sweden’s arctic wonderland. We will bring back incredible memories and one big story to tell, but leave only our footprints behind.

Whether you are an experienced arctic fisherman or a total beginner, we offer the chance to go out with us, and try your luck up in the mountains, away from the crowds and surrounded by the most beautiful and wild landscapes.

Do you prefer small or large lakes?
Would you like to search for char, trout or perch?
Would you rather focus the trip on wildlife spotting?
Are you a stargazer enthusiast?

We leave this entirely up to you.
You decide what type of fish, waters and overall activities you prefer to put hands on.
Contact us and we will design this adventure together!