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ESCAPE-ISM live at Tusen Toner

11 June 2024

ESCAPE-ISM live at Tusen Toner

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No, it’s not a joke! ESCAPE-ISM from Washington D.C are coming to Tusen Toner!

ESCAPE-ISM — is a duo from across the pond (Washington D.C to be precise) that specializes in what they call “minimalist rock ‘n’ roll”. The band is fronted by legendary punk icon Ian F. Svenonius! A living legend who has rightly been described as “hardcore punk’s equivalent of Prince”. His unique expression and stage personality have been a source of inspiration for Swedish giants such as Refused and The Hives. Svenonius is known as the completely crazy frontman of the hardcore group Nation of Ulysses, the beautiful singer of the legendary gospel-soul band The Make-Up, the raging rock singer with the anti-rockers Wierd War and lots of other projects. An excessively well-dressed, screaming, suit-wearing, punk frontman way out on the left. A culture warrior in the truest sense of the word – whose goal is to destroy America.

In his latest constellation ESCAPE-ISM, Svenonius is responsible for the vocals, guitar playing and handling of the drum machine. While gunslinger Sandi Denton handles the electric bass, synths and backing vocals.

In an age where art, music and culture constantly kneel obediently to commercialism, ESCAPE-ISM is an antithesis. ESCAPE-ISM is an infamous band that is the definition of electricity. Since forming in 2017, the group has amassed a devoted following worldwide.
ESCAPE-ISM represents our last hope to destroy civilization. Bless the minimalist Rock ‘n’ Roll!

Free entrence, sober and drug-free gig (straight edge!).
+ opening band will be s presented later.

Entry from 18.30.