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Riksgränsen Banked Slalom

16 May 2024 - 19 May 2024

Riksgränsen Banked Slalom

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We bring together generations of snowboarders in a unique way in a spectacular place. For some it is the first time they are back since they were children in the 90’s, others bring their children to experience the light and atmosphere with them, but most of us see this as something that speaks to their soul as a snowboarder. Riksgränsen Banked Slalom is a melting pot for Scandinavian snowboarding where we create new visions and resurrect old legends.

RBS as we call it, is a competition that is created for dedicated snowboarders and aims to bring the snowboarding community together for a memorable weekend in Riksgränsen. Thanks to its ideal location just below the main chairlift, the crowd can watch and cheer on the participants during the competition. There is probably no better way to enjoy the end of the season than to participate in the competition or be there to support the riders.

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