Foto: Christopher Hauser

ICEHOTEL opens for the season

11 December

The snow will soon begin to fall and the creation of Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi has already started. This year’s art at Icehotel is created by 19 teams with a total of 35 artists. 

First on location, to make the art suite Kodex Maximus of ice and snow, are artists Julia Gamborg Nielsen and Lotta Lampa. They are now on site at Icehotel. “It’s wonderful to be back at Icehotel and work with the most sustainable materials; ice and snow that melt and return to nature. In this year’s art suite, guests will enter an organic world, a potential future with transformation, balance and reflection in focus,” explain artists Lotta Lampa and Julia Gamborg Nielsen.

Guests visiting Icehotel this autumn and winter can also look forward to entering a room filled with typographic art, or sleep in a forgotten hotdog stand made of ice and snow. One of the art suites features a frozen winter garden and, in another, a world full of toys made from ice and snow offers experiences that bring out the child in us. In the deluxe suite “Sauna”, guests are welcomed into an ice-cold sauna. If the temperature doesn’t meet expectations there, freezing cold can quickly be replaced by a hot sauna experience in a private relaxation room available for guests in all of the deluxe suites.

New this year is that Icehotel has invited one person to engage in special collaboration in the creation of one of the art suites. This collaboration will be presented in October.

On December 11th the doors will open to this year’s version of Icehotel, but guests can already sleep amid ice art, marvel at the Northern Lights, experience wilderness adventure and even watch art take form in the permanent part of Icehotel, Icehotel 365.

Read more about opening hours and prices here!