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Yoga hike in Abisko (autumn)

18 September 2022 - 29 September 2022

Yoga hike in Abisko (autumn)

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Yoga, hiking and nature, give yourself time and tools to feel good and develop. Join us at Abisko and experience the Swedish mountain world at its best.

Do you long for great nature experiences and want to get to know the Swedish mountain world? Experience early autumn when the mountains get crackling autumn colors and the whole of nature goes in the color scale orange to bright red. You can travel to Abisko sustainably by train all the way.

Do you want to breathe in fresh air and drink crystal clear water directly from rapids and streams?
Do you also want to get away from stress and pressure?
Take time for yourself and have your own time that is so hard to find in everyday life?

With hiking, yoga, meditation and fellowship, you replenish your energy and vitality. An opportunity to recover in close fellowship and a thought break in life. You will be given tools to continue your own journey when you return home.

We live in a simple and genuine cottage near the mountain station in Abisko. High mountains frame the beautiful Abisko Valley with its beautiful alps, mighty rapids and Scandinavia’s largest mountain lake Torneträsk. Every day there is the opportunity to follow a few hours of hiking and most days we eat our lunch outside. Experience the vast expanses, the strong feeling of freedom and of being a part of nature. In the last half of September, the high season is over and the color scale has completely changed to orange and bright red and the mountains are burning. The air is cold and crispy clear. We walk mainly in silence and focus on the impressions of the nature around us. The body gets pleasantly tired and the mind gets peace.

We do different kinds of yoga, calmer forms of yoga where we are for a longer time in the position as yin and restorative but also more physical yoga forms such as hatha, vinyasa and flow where we move in and out of the positions. Pranayama / breathing techniques and meditations are part of yoga and we will try several different forms. By being able to try many different kinds of yoga, meditation and breathing techniques / pranayama, you have the opportunity to find the form that suits you best. The yoga we do is adapted to your conditions and everyone can participate.

Where: Abisko, Lapland
When: 18-23 & 24-29 September 2022
Price: SEK 8800

What’s included:
Accommodation 5 nights in an authentic rustic mountain cottage, Abiskojåkka.
Simple accommodation in dormitory rooms for 4-6 people. There is no running water in the cottage, we fetch water outside and there is an outdoor toilet by the cottage. You also have access to a shower and WC. In the mountain cabin there is electricity and wood stove that we fire in.

All meals, breakfast, lunch, coffee, fruit and dinner. All food is prepared from scratch and is mainly vegetarian. Breakfast and dinner we eat together in the cottage. Most lunches we eat outdoors in the mountains. Every day after the hike we have coffee. Tea, coffee and fruit are always available in the cottage.

One afternoon / evening we sauna in a wood-fired sauna at Torneträsk, Scandinavia’s largest mountain lake, which is located right next to the mountain cottage.

One day we take the cable car up the mountain Nuolja to look at the wonderful view and yoga on the top of the mountain.

Two yoga sessions per day. We do several different types of yoga such as hatha, flow, yin, restorative and vinyasa. Everyone can participate and we adapt yoga to your conditions. Most yoga sessions are in Naturum Abisko’s nice premises.

Guided meditations and breathing exercises / pranayama for reduced stress and increased well-being.

One guided mountain hike per day in varying lengths.

An individually tailored restorative yoga session for relaxation and stress reduction.
An individual program with yoga, pranayama and meditation to take home.
Individual tips and support to be able to carry out your own mountain hikes.

You participate in the activities you desire. If you want to take it easy and just enjoy the fantastic mountain environment, you do it. There are no performance requirements but you feel for what you need and do exactly what you want.

Registration is primarily made via the form at:

When registering, you pay SEK 2,000. Your place is reserved when the registration fee has been paid. The remaining part is paid on 2 May.

The Chamber of Deputies and the travel guarantee: This trip is insured with Kammarkollegiet according to the package travel law, which means that you have financial security if the trip is canceled.

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SE-981 31 Kiruna

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Swedish Lapland