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Ski premiere: Riksgränsen

24 February 2023
Photo: Axel Adolfsson

Ski premiere: Riksgränsen

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In the early 1900s, the village Riksgränsen was depopulated. The amounts of snow were simply unmanageable. What was then regarded as a problem has nowadays turned into one of our prime assets and the reason why thousands of winter sports aficionados from all over the world come here. On a good day, no other ski resort in Sweden can match the skiing in Riksgränsen.

A lot of the skiing takes place off-piste, but definitely not all. There are plenty of great pistes that are cropped and winding. Whilst experienced skiers will find plenty of challenges, like “Uffes vägg”, “Rimfors” and, of course, Nordalsfjäll where the Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships are held every year, in May.

Welcome to Riksgränsen on the 24th of February 2023!

Lars Janssonsgatan 17

SE-981 31 Kiruna

European union
Swedish Lapland