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Nikkaluokta premiere

24 February 2023
Nikkaluokta Sarri
Nikkaluokta Sarri

Nikkaluokta premiere

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Nikkaluokta is the mountain village in the beautiful mountain world, Kebnekaise is located 19 km west of the village – the trail to both Kebnekaise and Kungsleden starts here.

Skiing in Nikkaluokta is a spring-winter day dream. Experience the silence in Vistasdalen, the view from the mountains or make your way through the birch forest in Ladtjodalen. From here you can also make a wonderful day trip by snowmobile sled to Kebnekaise Mountain Station (which opens on March 2).

At Restaurant Skáidi you eat good food with local ingredients, fish, reindeer and moose, berries from the “pantry in nature”.

Nikkaluokta Sarri opens for the season on February 24. Book your accommodation now.

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