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Keb Classic – Winter

11 April 2024 - 13 April 2024
Foto: Anette Andersson
Foto: Anette Andersson

Keb Classic – Winter

STF Kebnekaise Fjällstation STF Kebnekaise Fjällstation +46 980 550 00

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In the area around Kebnekaise you can find some of the highest peaks in Sweden including the highest, Kebnekaise it self. You’ll find narrow ridges, glaciers and classic ski runs. If you want to experience what the highest alpine area in Sweden can offer and skiing that challenge both body and mind – Keb Classic Winter is the adventure for you!

During Keb Classic Winter there are two different races, one sprint in the middle of the city of Kiruna and a two day skimo race at STF Kebnekaise Fjällstation with the niecest runs and best view that Sweden can offer! You can compete in teams of two or three people, ladies, mens or mixed. Alpine or ski touring.

During the day in between the races you can take part in clinics that will teach you more about avalanches, glaciers and will also give you other advises before the big race.