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Dance perfomance “It was a time…”

27 April 2023 - 28 April 2023

Dance perfomance “It was a time…”

Dansgruppen Noname Kulturhuset Aurora johanna_lindgren@msn.com

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A dance performance by the Kiruna dance group Noname that deals with the time just before, during and after the pandemic in society.
The feeling of loss, isolation, freedom and thoughts that arose in us as individuals during the pandemic. A personal dance performance with everything from sadness and fear to joy and community.

Choreography by Alex Araya
Dancers: Alex Araya, Johanna Lindgren Ringholt and Sofia Rotmalm.

Location: Kulturhuset Aurora, Kaamos, Kiruna
Time: 19.00
Duration: approx. 60 min
The performance is in Swedish

Lars Janssonsgatan 17

SE-981 31 Kiruna

European union
Swedish Lapland