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Salmon fishing in Lainio river

Norra Byavägen 132, Kangos

Salmon fishing in Lainio river

Experience exclusive fly fishing for the big and powerful Baltic Salmon in Lainio River, in Northern Sweden. Through us you get access to one of very few private stretches of salmon river in Sweden, 9,5 km open for a maximum of 8 rods per week. Your stay is Sunday-Sunday with fishing Monday-Saturday. During the week you rotate between beats together with a guide who knows the holes and holding spots in the river.

Our base camp during the fishing is situated on a high bank by the famous Onka home pool, from where you can count salmon and recharge for your next session. The Lainio River is easily waded and mostly fished with floating- or sink tip lines. Here you have a serious chance of catching the salmon of a lifetime.

If you are new to salmon fishing and don’t have the necessary equipment, we will provide this for you. Click here to see a short movie about what equipment we recomend when fishing Onka and  here to see what the season looks like. We fish both sides of the river and your guide takes care of transports and gets you to the right places. On certain places we use a boat to access the best spots.

Accommodation is at Lapland Guesthouse, where Johan and Eva take care of you. Here you will sleep comfortable and enjoy great food and hospitality.