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Exclusive Ice Fishing – May 2023

Heli ice fishing Kiruna
Heli ice fishing Kiruna

Exclusive Ice Fishing – May 2023


Exclusive spring ice fishing and glamping in the arctic area of Kiruna.

The trip takes the group of fishermen high up into the mountains with helicopter for a breataking experience among astonishing mountain tops, where the home of big arctic char is. Guests are picked up at Kiruna airport or hotel in city centre and we take care of the rest – from transports to food and fishing guiding. The trips are especially suitable for guests that want to experience something out of the ordinary as well as to seasoned fishermen that fish e.g. for brown trout, salmon, steelhead and similar species all over the world. 

Our guides bring everything needed with the group out to the helicopter, where the group takes of deep into the wilderness to areas which are inaccessible with snowmobiles. The arctic spring normally provides alot of sunshine and sometimes warm weather, so that it is possible to ice fishing in just a T-shirt.

In short our fishing program includes the following:
– Transports with car from airport or city to centre to helicopter pad. Transport with helicopter to fishing area
– 3 to 4 days of fishing (2 to 3 nights)
– We use tents of high quality that are spacious with camping beds
– Tents are heated
– Suitable for groups between 2 to 6 persons
– Guides take care of preparing authentic arctic food often on the open fire as well as coffee and tea. No alcohol is included.
– Guests must bring warm personal clothing, sun glasses, own fishing gear, toiletries and own sleeping bag (our guides can help as needed)
– During the stay, we also provide wilderness sauna and swimming in the icy water, where guests also can shower in hot water
– We guide fishermen on how and where to fish for arctic char