Regional bus

Länstrafiken i Norrbotten
+46 (0)771-10 01 10

Local bus/ Airport bus
Hörvalls Buss
+46 (0)980-813 11

Charter bus
Kiruna Buss
+46(0)980-124 00

Transfer bus
Visit Abisko
+46 (0)980-400 37
Visit Abisko’s website

Visit Kiruna
+46 (0)980-400 37

Airport bus
The airport bus departs from the road above the police station and outside the city hall. Timetable here. Reservation: If the flight departure- or arrival time changes, the airport bus will adjust accordingly.

To Jukkasjärvi /ICEHOTEL
Bus 501 departs for Jukkasjärvi. Payment on the bus. Departure from the bus station in Kiruna city center. Timetable summer 17/6–20/8.
ICEHOTEL offers a transfer service during summer 2017. Check here for timetable and prices!

To Abisko and Björkliden
Visit Abisko offers a return transfer service from Kiruna Airport and selected Kiruna hotels direct to the Abisko and Bjorkliden area. Book online on Visit Abisko’s website.
Note: this transfer is not available during summer 2017.

To Narvik
Bus 91 to Narvik in Norway through Abisko-Björkliden-Riksgränsen. Timetable summer 16/6–24/9.

To Nikkaluokta
Bus 92 for Nikkaluokta. Timetable summer 16/6-24/9.

For more information contact Kiruna Lappland Tourist Center: info@kirunalapland.se or +46 (0)980-188 80.